• Prof Pierre Pienaar

    President of WPO

    Pierre Pienaar’s interest in packaging started in 1984 after having studied pharmacy. Soon after joining a large pharmaceutical company, Pierre became concerned about a number of packaging-related issues in the pharmaceutical world.

    This combined field has taken him to the far corners of the world, always involving one or other aspects of research in packaging. Pierre has attended international congresses and conferences where he has delivered and continues to present papers and continues to judge national and international packaging competitions. He continues to write articles for numerous packaging magazines around the world.

    Pierre has a Master of Science Degree (Packaging Engineering/ Technology) from Brunel University, UK. He also has a Master of Manufacturing and Production Degree from University of Hertfordshire, UK. He is a registered Certified Packaging Professional in 52 countries.

     He has been National President of the South African Institute of Packaging (IPSA), an honorary life member of (IPSA), a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), Professional member of the Australian Food, Industry and Science Technology. He is the current National Education Director, Past National President of the AIP and past Vice President of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), being responsible for global packaging education.

     He has lectured in the technology and science of packaging at various universities and institutions around the world for the past twenty eight years. He currently lectures the Masters students in Food Innovation and Packaging at University of Melbourne, Beijing University, Sichuan University, Tra Vinh University, Gadjah MadaUniversity and University of New South Wales.

     He holds a professorship in Packaging Engineering and is the new President of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) since 1 January 2018.

  • Dr. Johannes Bergmair

    General Secretary of WPO

    Dr. Johannes Bergmair studied food- and biotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). He completed his technical master at Institute for Food Technology in the year 1999. His special field within the range of packing is the quality assurance within the Supply chain „food “. In this area - apart from numerous publications in magazines – he finished his doctor thesis at Technical University (TU) Vienna in the autumn 2002. Since July 2000 he is employed at OFI Packaging Institute in Vienna, where he fills the position of an institute leader since April 2003.Dr. Bergmair holds numerous lectures for packaging technology on several Austrian and German universities, works as court expert for packaging and as an auditor for hygiene management in producing packaging materials (e.g. BRC/IoP, ISO 22.000, EN 15593 and FEFCO GMP). Dr. Bergmair is member of the Austrian Standardisation Committee “Packaging” and Austrian Board Member of WPO (World Packaging Organisation) since 2011. Starting with 2014 he has the honour to fulfil the function of a WPO’s Vice President for Sustainability and Food Safety.

  • Ms. Aslihan Arikan

    Vice President Education of WPO

    Aslihan Arikan graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey, in June 1997, with a degree of B.S. in Chemical Engineer. She started the M.S. program in the Department of Polymer Science and Technology at METU in October 1998 and completed this program in January 2001. Her thesis was on the flexibility improvement of composite materials. Later, she employed as engineer, specialist, project coordinator and consultant at different public institutions and private companies. She attended numerous life-long seminars and trainings in packaging and related issues and EU affairs programs. She has lectured packaging programs at different universities and public institutions.  Aslihan Arikan is currently employed as General Secretary at the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD). She has also taken active roles at various committees and working groups for the regulations regarding packaging nationally and globally (ISO and CEN). In addition to her position and technical and regulatory work for the association she is also the Editor in Chief of the “Ambalaj Dünyas? – Packaging World” & “Pack Converting” magazines in Turkey. Aslihan Arikan also a member of IPPO (International Packaging Press Organization), IOPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) and the chairman of the SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) Turkey branch. She is also the First Vice President of APF (Asian Packaging Federation) and the Vice President of Education of WPO (World Packaging Organisation).

  • Mrs. Luciana Pellegrino

    Vice President Marketing

    Mrs. Luciana Pellegrino is the Executive Director of the ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association, being in charge of the strategic work plan of the Association aiming to cope with its Mission of promoting the development of the packaging industry in Brazil. Among her responsibilities, Mrs. Pellegrino leads the activities of ABRE and its projects and promotes the interface between the association and the industry, the government and international organizations, sharing market information, trends and promoting key connections among companies and packaging executives.At WPO Mrs. Pellegrino stands as the Vice President of Marketing under the goal to build the brand value of the Organization and its communication tools and activities.

    Mrs. Pellegrino is graduated in Business Administration focused on International Trade by Mackenzie University – São Paulo, and has specialization on Environmental Issues by Mackenzie University – São Paulo. Along the past years took short term programs in Business for not-for-profit organizations – FGV São Paulo, Marketing applied to services – ESPM – São Paulo, Negotiation - FGV – São Paulo and Design Thinking at IIT – Chicago.

  • Mr. Antro Säilä

    Vice President Sustainability and Save Food

    Antro graduated from University of Helsinki 1989 and holds a MSc in forest products marketing. Since his graduation Antro has worked 1989-92 as assistant Sales Manager at United Paper Mills Simpele Board Mill, 1992-96 as Sales Manager at Schauman SA in France, 1996-2004 as Business Manager at Schauman Wood, 2004-2008 VP R&D at UPM Wood Products, 2008-2014 SVP Products and Innovation Environment at Finnish Forest Industries Federation. Since 2014 Antro holds the position of Managing Director at Finnish Packaging Association. Along with his professional activities Antro has had several positions of trust. At this moment he is chairman of Rinki – the Finnish Packaging Recycling company, chairman of Finnish National Committee for Packaging Standardization and chairman of Scandinavian Packaging Association. In World Packaging Organization he has been member of the board since 2015 and as from 2018 he is Vice President, Sustainability and member of the Executive Team of WPO.

  • Ms. Soha Atallah

    Vice President Awards, Exhibitions and Conferences

    Mrs. Soha Atallah has an extensive experience of 18 years in industrial development, packaging, marketing and food safety in Lebanon and the Arab Region. 
    She has established herself as a proactive player in the Lebanese industry, founding LibanPack, the Lebanese Packaging Centre, and raising awareness on packaging development through consulting and through the organization of the yearly competition to university students StarPack. 
    During her work experience she provided packaging and labelling design services to more than 200 industrial companies in Lebanon and other Arab Countries . Ms Atallah has been working for more than 11 years with UNIDO as an international expert on packaging and marketing. Ms. Atallah has an M.A from LAU and recently she did and executive course on Strategic Marketing Management at Harvard Business School.

  • Ing. Vlado Volek

    CEO SYBA, Ambassador of WPO

    Ing. Vlado Volek graduated Mechanical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Vlado Volek has managed the CZECH PACKAGING ASSOCIATION SYBA since 1999, in 2007 became managing director of the CZECH PACKAGING ASSOCIATION SYBA. In 1999-2006 he was editor-in-chief of the SVET BALENI, he is the editor-in-chief of on-line newssletru CS Packaging News now. Since 2001 he is a member of the International Packaging Press Organisation (IPPO). He is a member of: Czech Standard Technical Committees 78 „Packaging“ and 115 Pallets; CEN/TC 261/SC 5/WG 12 „Marking“ and ISO/TC 34/SC 17/WG 5 „Food Packaging Manufacturing”.

    On behalf of SYBA Vlado Volek has been representing the Czech packaging industry interests in European Packaging Institutes Consortium (EPIC) and in the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

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